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The "Original" Snow Scoop

Price: $80.00 Medium w/Kick Bar

Shipping: $30/med & $60/lg (calculated at checkout)
We ship to the continental 48 US states only. We can NOT ship to P.O. Boxes. Be sure to enter your street address at checkout.

Medium 22" w/Kick Bar: $80.00 + $30.00 Shipping

Large 24" w/Kick Bar: $90.00 + $60.00 Shipping

TWO Large 24" w/Kick Bar: $180.00 + $60.00 Shipping * SAVE $60 in Shipping - must ship to same address


Kaufman's Snow Scoop slides under the snow to fill the scoop and move it to the point where you want to dump the snow.  A brisk pull on the handle causes the snow to slide out of the snow scoop.  It is excellent for specialized snow removal problems such as roofs of large buildings and townhouse/condominium complexes, driveways, decks, and sidewalks. A snow scoop is easier to use than a snow shovel and does not require the bending and lifting of heavy wet snow. The Kaufman Snow Scoop is the best snow shovel you will ever buy.

Imitated but Never Duplicated

Our Snow Scoop has to be great or we wouldn't have so many people trying to imitate us!  We've seen plastic, fiberglass, and many versions of metal, all trying to make it cheaper, not better.  Because we sell our snow scoops to major ski hills and Olympic  events, they are used world wide: Japan, Germany, Canada, and or course, the U.S.A.  Get the original Snow Scoop and show your neighbors why this is the best snow shovel ever made.


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